How To Leverage the Power of SEO To Improve the Performance of Your Ecommerce Business

Rachel Lindteigen

Rachel Lindteigen is the President and Founder of Etched Marketing, where she offers one-on-one business and marketing coaching to make SEO easy to understand. She spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world working in marketing roles for companies such as notMYkid, PIU Management, McMurry, and A+ Educators/Arrowhead Holdings Management. 

Rachel graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in broadcast journalism and from Grand Canyon University with an MBA in marketing. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rachel Lindteigen talks about how her background in journalism helped shape her work in the SEO space
  • An in-depth look at why SEO brand terminology is crucial for your success
  • How can you use domain authority (DA) to elevate your website for consumer views?
  • Rachel details writing a letter based layer to tell your brand’s story for your consumer without overstuffing keywords
  • Ways to use keyword optimization tools in picture files
  • The importance of creating content that targets your ideal customer
  • Rachel explains how search volume can help Ecommerce brands rank higher
  • Why researching the best opportunity is crucial for product enhancement
  • How to write an engaging blog post for greater SEO engagement and ranking
  • Rachel shares the benefits of using videos to increase visibility and consumer connectivity

In this episode…

Are you ready to take the leap and increase your sales through marketing, but you’re not sure how? You’ve heard about SEO, but is it possible to understand it enough and use it to increase site traffic and product visibility?

Understanding and using SEO is easier than you think, according to Rachel Lindteigen. She helps small and enterprise businesses understand the importance of SEO content — and shatters the misinformation that SEO is challenging. SEO allows you to reach your ideal customer through blogs, pictures, and tags using keywords. When you do your research and use SEO correctly, your website will rank higher, get more traffic, and make you more money (even while you sleep!) Are you ready to use SEO to bring you the leads that will get your business off the ground and generate that higher search volume you want?

Join Scott Reid on this episode of Ecommerce Success Strategies as he sits down with Rachel Lindteigen, President and Founder of Etched Marketing, to discuss growing brands through SEO and content optimization. Rachel talks about overcoming consumer intent through domain authority, utilizing keyword optimization for product listings or blogs, and why researching analytics is crucial for brand success. 

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